Use the following lesson plans to conduct a 15-25 minute activity for today's topic Cyberbullying.

Primary Activity: Speak Up, Talk It Out, Walk Away
Grade K-2 Lesson Plan:
Bookmark Template

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Intermediate Activity: Speak Up, Reach Out, Be A Friend
Grades 3-5 Lesson Plan:
Activity Sheets 1 & 2
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Middle School Activity: Crossing the Line - Cruel Isn't Cool
Grades 6-8 Lesson Plan:
Mingle Activity

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High School Activity: Crossing the Line on Highway 411
Grades 9-12 Lesson Plan:
Mingle Activity
Halligan vs. Martin Court Proceeding

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Please send home the "FireWall for Families - Thursday" sheet with the students. Encourage students to share with their parents what they learned in the classroom about Cyberbullying.

Additional Resources on Cyberbullying for Parents:

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