Q. Do I have to be a member of the FireWall Wikispace to use the materials?
No. All materials are available to the public. "Members" are only those ETN members who are editing and maintaining the site. If you have something to add or contribute, please us the Comments section.

Q. Does my entire district have to participate in the pilot?
A. No. Your district can determine the scale in which it will participate. You may choose to roll FireWall out at all campuses, select campuses, or select classrooms.

Q. How do my teachers find the lessons and resources?
A. You may download and print the lessons using the links on the left of this web site. Your district will be responsible for printing and distributing the lessons and resources.

Q. Can we access the lessons and resources in an editable format such as Word?
To maintain the integrity of our documents, the lessons and resources are provided in PDF format. If you would like to receive the documents in Word format, email Brent Bakken.

Q. Are the lessons correlated to the core content TEKS?
At this time, the lessons address the content of the Technology Applications TEKS. No correlation documents exist at this time, however, this is a goal of ETN.

Q. Are the lessons and parent letters available in other languages?
Translated lessons and parent letters are not available at this time. We are currently in the process of translating the documents into Spanish. Other languages will follow as needed. Please email a request for additional language translations to Brent Bakken

Q. How often are the lessons and resources updated?
The Educational Technology Network (ETN) is continually updating and adding resources to FireWall. Lessons will be modified on a continual basis as new resources and activities become available. Therefore, lessons and activities will change from year to year.

Q. Is there a certificate issued that validates completion of the program?
At this time, a certificate is not issued from ETN. An electronic version of the certificate is located on the "Documents" page of this site. Districts and/or teachers may print their own certificates using this file.

Q. How do I become a Sponsor?
We are always looking for Sponsors to underwrite printing, awards and incentives (wrist bands, T-shirts, etc) . Visit the "Sponsor" page if your corporation or organization would like to sponsor FireWall.