An integrated collection of safety measures designed to educate students to prevent inappropriate electronic access.

FireWall is a week-long education process for K-12 students to learn about the precautions and safety measures that children should take when using the Internet. FireWall is intended to be an annual occurrence during the first full week of May. The curriculum will include short, age-appropriate lessons/activities that teachers and librarians can do with students to engage them in actively thinking about the dangers and joys of using the Internet. There will also be parent documentation that students bring home to inform parents of the activities and what they can do to reinforce appropriate use of the Internet with their children at home.

The topics that will be covered are:
  • Personal Information
  • Communications
  • Social Networking
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Celebration of all Internet Resources/Tools

Please join us in the effort to keep our kids safe online. "Be a part of the FireWall."
Brought to you by ETN (Educational Technology Network)

The FireWall Internet Safety program for K-12 students was created by the ETN group in 2007. It will be piloted by key districts this May and rolled out/offered to all districts in Region 4 in May of 2008. We are continually updating the curriculum and resources on this web site to best meet the needs of the teachers and librarians that teach this program.

FireWall will always take place annually in the first full week of May.

FireWall Flyer for Distribution

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